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Bankruptcy Lawyers

Jun 22, 2020 |
An experienced bankruptcy counsel who provided outstanding quality of service. With more than 20 years of expert legal experience, Gina Rosato is well prepared to assist you through the complexities ... Read more

Submission Guidelines

Before submission:

  • No adult or porn websites.
  • No hatred or inciting hatred blogs or websites.
  • No "without prescription" pharmacy websites. Pharmacy websites are reviewed very strictly. 
  • No dropship websites unless there is a valid "whois" information available. Private domains get rejected in most cases. 
  • No quick-money websites (like clickbank ready or made-for-adsense) without "About us" and "Physical address" information.
  • No deep links - only TOP level domain (without the trailing slash) i.e., http://www.your-website.com.
  • No page-redirects or underconstruction websites.
  • No copyrighted content. Websites containing copied content, especially PLR articles, will be rejected. Must have privacy policy.
  • Articles written in poor grammar or English will be rejected. 
  • No refund for any review fee that you make for business or corporate listings that have been rejected due to any of the aforementioned reasons.

During submission:

  • Kindly find the right category before submitting your link(s).
  • Regular links (free submissions) should only be submitted to appropriate subcategory; top category submissions will be rejected. Example of a subcategory http://ewhose.com/finance/forex, example of a top category http://ewhose.com/finance. We manually move Business and Corporate links to appropriate top categories.
  • Regular links (free submissions) should only submit top level domain (http://www.example.org); subpages (deep links) will be rejected no matter how well established your websites are (only exceptions are NGO, Government, and Social Cause). Only Business and Corporate links can submit subpages. 
  • No URLs or Special characters in the Title field. 
  • No short or very long Title. Decide for yourself what suits best for your website. However, keep in mind the Google Penguine!

(Links submitted to wrong subcategory will be rejected or moved to the right subcategory by the reviewer. If you don't find the right subcategory for your link, place it in uncategorized and we will make a subcategory promptly.)

  • Fill in all the details. META keywords and META description are important for SEO purpose, so please take them seriously. 
  • Give your correct contact information for us to send the decision.

Note: Keep in mind that links placed in the right subcategory and meeting all the aforementioned conditions are approved within 24 hours.