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Bankruptcy Lawyers

Jun 22, 2020 |
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Rejection Synopsis

Most rejection emails state the reason why your link or article was declined for publication. Here are the reasons and explanations for link rejection: 

Suspicious Content: The destination URL having was identified as containing viruses, forced downloaders, installers or other suspicious content. We will never knowingly accept such sites into our directory and if further sites like this are submitted, your IP and email address will be added to our ban list and you will be prevented from submitting any sites now or in the future. If however, you were unaware of the problems on your site, please review your content, as your website may have been the victim of an attack. Once done, you are free to submit again, but please contact us BEFORE submission, otherwise our system may automatically reject you and place a permanent ban. To protect our users, we take submissions of this type very seriously. Please note that before rejection, all websites flagged as containing suspicious or malicious threats are re-checked again to confirm the threat.

Site Incomplete: The url provided points to a site that has no valid content and/or is still under construction.

Site Unavailable: At the time of review, your website was unavailable. Your supplied URL would have been checked several times and on all occassions, was found to be unavailable. Unfortunately, we cannot accept dead or invalid links under any circumstances and as such, your submission data has now been completely removed from our database. When you have resolved these issues, please feel free to resubmit your listing at any time, ensuring that the destination URL you provide is valid and pointing to a live website.

Unsuitable Content: Your listing, or the content at the supplied URL contains content that we deem as unsuitable or inappropriate for a general audience. Listings of this type will always be rejected and as this is clearly stated on our submission guidelines as well as the submission pages themselves, should a paid listing have been made in any of the banned categories, we reserve the right not to issue any refunds.

Copyright Infringement: Your site contains material that is, or is supected to be, in breach of copyright, or provides means for individuals to bypass copyright protection.

No Payment Received: When you submitted your listing for review, you selected a submission type that requires payment. Since no payment has been received, or payment has been pending for more than 24 hours, your submission has been completely removed from the system. If you choose to resubmit your listing, please ensure the correct submission criteria are selected and also take care to choose one of the free submission options if you do not wish to pay for enhanced listing features. Please note that repeated attempts at submitting paid submissions without actually making payments, will likely get your IP, Email and any associated domains black-listed from submitting to our directory in the future.

Automated Submission: It was identified that your submission was not made in person by a human. It is our policy only to accept human submissions made using the forms that are directly linked to the navigation of the website. Our system has identified your submission as automated, robot or spam. This includes submissions made using software on yours or another person's computer.

Redirected / Cloaking: Your supplied URL is cloaked, masked or redirecting to another URL. Under no circumstances will we accept submissions that redirect to a completely different URL to the one submitted. We may at out discretion, accept URL's that redirect to another page on the same domain, but only when the destination page is part of the main navigation or is used for language and translation purposes. Best examples of redirected links are URL shorteners and affiliate links.

Poor Content: The link or article submitted contains what we consider to be of poor quality content.

Poor Submission Skill: Your link was submitted to top level category, which is not allowed in free submission. It's a sign of automated submission since top level category submissions are disabled by the moderator. If you wish to submit your link to top level category, kindly consider upgrading to business ($1.95 lifetime) or corporate listing ($4.95 lifetime).

Wrong Category: Your website has been declined because it was submitted to wrong/irrelevant category. Oftentimes, this is a sign of automated submissions made using softwares. Kindly resubmit your website to the most relevant category.

Excessive Annoyance: Your website has been declined because it was found to:

  • load a video with sound on the homepage*, OR,
  • be full of advertisements with hardly any interesting or unique content, OR,
  • load a full page advertisement on the homepage that eclipses the page content, OR,
  • request email address from the visitor to give access to the website content.

We don't accept such websites for inclusion in our directory.

*Check how Youtube loads videos without any sound on its homepage. You must mute the sound of the video before submitting again.

Misleading Information: The title and/or description submitted with the link is deemed misleading. We don't accept links with misleading anchor texts. It could potentially lead to a permanent ban from Google per their new policies. If you plan to resubmit your link, kindly change the title/description first. Further submissions with the same title/description will result in your IP address ban, and you will not be able to submit any link to our directory with that IP address. 

Invalid Title: Your link was rejected because the Title submitted:

  • was either a URL or a short-generic/long-text, or,
  • did not match with the corresponding website, or,
  • had special characters that appear as ?? or hearts, or,
  • full of keywords that can get us flagged by the leading internet authorities and search engines.

You may resubmit your link with a proper title.

Missing Information: Your link has been rejected because of some important information missing in your website that we deem to be necessary for general public. One of the following requirements (based on type of your website) or their combinations may be missing or corrupt:

  • About us
  • SSL certificate issues
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Physical Address
  • Non-functional Contact us form
  • Antique Copyright/Rights validity period
  • Domain Whois
  • No valid content and/or is still under construction.

You may wish to resubmit your link once the missing information on your website has been amended.

Free Host or Domain: Your link has been rejected because it was found to be hosted on a free server or is a free domain. Examples are: 1) Blogspot 2) Tumblr 3) Multiply 4) Wordpress 5) Blog 6) Blogger 7) Webs In exceptional cases we do consider these websites, but only when they are very well developed with unique content, less advertisements, and are submitted to a proper subcategory.

Standalone Affiliate: Your website has been rejected because it was deemed to be a standalone affiliate. Standalone affiliates are those websites that open URLs from different websites upon user search. Best examples of standalone affiliates are air tickets, hotels, transportation, insurance, payday loans, Amazon, Ebay, and more. Those websites that display "contact us" or "about us" or "terms" or "privacy policy" information from different websites or include URLs of the parent website are deemed standalone affiliates.

Also, daughter websites based on different URLs but link to or are associated to the parent websites are considered Standalone Affiliates. For example, www.best-cough-drops-in-the-world.com is considered daughter to www.williamsonherbal.com. We don't accept any kind of standalone affiliate website in our directory.

Kindly read the submission guidelines and rules before you submit your link or article for more information. Points made in the Submission Guidelines and Rules page also constitute our Terms and Conditions in addition to the aforementioned points.