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High Quality Custom Hoodies

Custom hoodies can be customized with various kinds of artworks. Companies often order custom hoodies in bulk for various purposes. Nowadays, you can order custom hoodies from the online store. You don’t have to travel to the local store to buy the custom hoodies. You just need to upload your design to the online store and check out with the credit card. Custom hoodies can be incredibly cheap if you buy in bulk. The cost of the hoodies can be as low as $2 if you buy in a large number. There are two different techniques that online custom t-shirts store used to print the t-shirts. The first method is screen printing. Screen printing technique allows you to take advantage of the cheap price when you order in bulk. In screen printing, large screens are used to print the t-shirts and hoodies. No printer is used to print the design onto the hoodies. Screen printing takes longer time to complete because it has a complicated procedure.


There are many steps that the vendor needs to follow in order to carry out the screen printing procedure. The vendor is responsible for buying all the equipments and tools for performing the screen printing procedure. Separate screens are used to imprint each color in the artwork onto the t-shirt. The more colors the artwork has, the longer it takes to screen print the t-shirts. Therefore, many vendors do not allow the customers to use more than 5 colors. You should use 2 – 3 colors in the design. The more colors you use in designing the artwork, the more expensive the screen printing service will be. If you submit a design with lots of colors, it may get rejected. The vendor will ask you to make the necessary changes. It is important that you get quotes from several vendors regarding the bulk quote for the screen printing order. The screen printing service is charged at different prices by different vendors. By using the online bulk calculator, you will be able to find out how much your screen printing order costs.


The online bulk calculator is only available for screen printing order. Usually, if you choose the digital printing technique, you have to use the calculator to calculate the total order yourself. Digital printing is good in that you can use colorful designs. Digital printing is suitable for handling small orders. If you want to make a small order, it is recommended that you hire the digital t-shirts printing service. The digital t-shirts printing service is more expensive because customers have access to many customization options. You can use any image editor to create your artwork including Windows photo editor, Photoshop and etc. After you have designed the artwork, you can upload it via the online designer tool. The online designer tool is equipped with basic image editing features such as add text, add image and etc. You can easily preview the design on your custom hoodies with the online designer tool.


The online designer tool can be used to resize and reposition the image on the custom hoodies. http://customhoodies4u.com is an online custom hoodies store which offers a wide range of custom design hoodies and t-shirts.


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